Debbie Allen

The "Shameless Success Expert"; Best Selling Author
Fee Range: $7,500–$10,000 [FEE NOTE]
Travels From: Alaska
Debbie Allen started her speaking career as a retail expert and quickly became one of world’s top professional speakers to the retail industry. She teaches the lessons of ‘shameless’ success with her innovative business-building strategies. Her contagious enthusiasm for business and professional speaking began in 1995.

She has built and sold numerous highly successful companies in diverse industries. At the young age of 19 she became a successful entrepreneur and part owner of a car rental business in northwest Indiana. The rental company expanded into multiple businesses including mini-storage facilities, used car lot, camper sales, towing company, car wash, body shop and a towing company.

After learning how to build multiple businesses from the ground floor up, she sold her shares of the family business at age 30 and purchased her first retail clothing store. Buying a small fledgling retail business with no retail experience is not a wise move for most people, yet Debbie was determined to make it work. Within three years she turned her new passion for retail into a highly successful company, growing it 10 times over to a multi-million dollar business with multiple locations. After 15 years in the retail industry she sold her successful stores to three different owners, all for full asking price without a business broker.

For the past 14 years Debbie has presented keynotes, seminars and workshops for diverse industries before thousands of people in 12 countries around the world. She presents motivational sales and marketing presentations for retail, mortgage, real estate, direct sales, franchises, entrepreneurial business conferences and women's groups.

Debbie is a best selling author of five books on business and personal development including
Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters and Skyrocketing Sales. She is also a featured expert in four motivational movies including The Opus and The Compass.

Most Requested Topics:

  • FOLLOW YOUR OWN INTERNAL COMPASS - From Where Your Are Now to Where You Want to Be: Learn how to move your Compass towards the path of massive success. Discover what moves you, what inspires you, and what mark you will make on the world. Embrace positive change, personal growth and manifest what you want out of life. Tap into your inner Compass with unstoppable success principals. Learn how to break down obstacles and move past barriers that may be holding you back from reaching your peak potential.
  • LEADERSHIP RESILENCE FOR A NEW ECONOMY - Six Power Principles for Personal Development : Discover a journey into the heart of a true leader. Learn how to empower your belief system to move the compass of your organization. Push yourself beyond your 'near' potential and follow the path towards your desired destination. The principal of self-improvement is the action of training, learning, and growing, both personally and professionally. Learn how to build a strong belief system and discover the unlimited potential inside of you and your team.
  • UPBEAT BUSINESS STRATEGIES FOR A DOWNTURN MARKET - Stand Out in an Ever-Changing Business Environment: Discover how to go from just surviving to thriving in challenging times. Learn how to attract more prospects with low-cost, innovative marketing. Stand out from your competitors with insightful business building strategies. Learn how to remove costs that don't add value to your bottom line and how to embrace abundance consciousness. This motivational presentation will help you to discover solutions to your challenges and allow you to break down barriers that may be limiting your success.
  • EMPOWERED ENTREPRENEURSHIP - From Vision &hellip to Plan &hellip to Performance: Discover the Vision, Plan and Performance critical to achieve high levels of success. Learn the four distinctive mindsets of an empowered entrepreneur. Develop high levels of success with vision, focus, innovation and persistence. Uncover six powerful characteristics that will empower you to exceed your goals. This motivational, highly informative and interactive presentation will teach you the action-oriented skills to achieve peak performance. Debbie Allen shares her many years of entrepreneurial wisdom and success with these proven business building strategies.
  • SHAMELESSLY SUCCESSFUL SELF-PROMOTION - Sell Yourself and Your Personal Brand Effectively: Discover the science and the art behind effective self-promotion and learn how it will dramatically increase your success opportunities. Discover the three traits that all highly successful people possess and how they use those traits to continually build success. Learn how to build a powerful personal brand that gets you noticed and creates shameless fans. Based upon Debbie Allen's best-selling book, Confessions of Shameless Self-Promoters™.
  • SKYROCKETING SALES! - Empower Your Mind and Exceed Your Goals: During this thought-provoking sales presentation you will be motivated to boost your sales confidence, sell more effectively and exceed your sales goals! Learn how to avoid sales frustration by eliminating traditional sales pressure. Build your success with customer-focused, integrity-building, service-oriented sales strategies. Discover six forms of sales call reluctance and how to overcome them. This presentation is based upon Debbie Allen's book, Skyrocketing Sales!