Dana LaMon

Blind Judge for the California Department of Social Services; Author, The Soul’s Mirror Reflections on the Fullness of Life
Fee Range: $5,000–$7,500 [FEE NOTE]
Travels From: California
Dana LaMon was reared in Compton, California, as one of twelve children. He lost his sight when he was four years old and pursued his school studies using Braille and tape recordings.

Graduating from John Marshall High School with honors in 1970, Dana received a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics from Yale University in 1974 and his law degree from the University of Southern California in 1977. He has been a member of the California State Bar for twenty-three years. Dana has worked for the state of California for twenty years as an administrative law judge for the California Department of Social Services.

Dana holds the prestigious Accredited Speaker Award from Toastmasters International, an award for professional speaking given to fewer than fifty Toastmasters. In 1992 he won the title of World Champion of Public Speaking.

Dana and his wife Jacqueline are the founders and owners of ImageWorth, a professional speaking company. Through this company Dana provides keynotes and seminars on performance excellence, positive self-image, personal and business development, effective communication and cultural diversity.

His audiences include corporate managers, public employees, professional associations, religious congregations, prison inmates and students from the elementary level to college.

Dana LaMon is the author of two books. His first book,
The Soul’s Mirror: Reflections on the Fullness of Life, is a motivational and inspirational daily reader. His second, a handbook on excellence titled The Excellence Book: 104 Principles for Living and Working, was published in 2000. He shares principles from both books in today's presentation.

Most Requested Topics:

  • Take a Chance: Within each of us is planted the seed of greatness. It is a potential that is worth more than the jackpot that you might win from a slot machine. Sadly, many people are more willing to try their luck in a gambling casino rather than to take a chance on themselves. Three barriers that can stop us from taking a chance and creating our winning opportunities are: Fear, Comfort and Indifference. When you are down to your last dollar, count on hope, and do not let indifference rob you from taking one more chance.
  • The Four E's of Excellence: How do you reach the peak of your performance? In a word-- through excellence. Okay, two words. Unless excellence is the standard under which you begin a task, it cannot be a characteristic of the results. Excellence is not a goal; it is the process of getting to the goal. Here is what you must do to make excellence your competitive edge: Excel. To excel, you must use your present performance as the measuring point and commit to do better tomorrow. Extend. Your capacity to extend is determined by your responses to the forces of comfort, competition, challenge, and change. Endure. You will not endure the defeat of despair, discouragement, or disappointment without a commitment to forward motion whatever it takes. Enjoy. You cannot give your best to what you are doing if you do not enjoy what you are doing.
  • Changing with Change - A Personal Paradigm: Our external environment is constantly changing, and we change along with it. It is sudden and/or dramatic change that throws us off into a resistance mode. The attributes of the person who can cope with change are: Character. The ability to approach change from the inside out; Attitude. Looking at change as an opportunity instead of a challenge; Vision. The ability to keep in mind a clear picture of the desired results; Adaptability. Flexible enough to make adjustments to changed circumstances; Excellence. Setting and holding a standard of excellence in all situations; Rejuvenescence. The ability to maintain mental sharpness and regain youthful enthusiasm.
  • The Driving Force: Seldom, if ever, is the road to success described as a downhill coasting to the warm sands of a sunny beach. Success is frequently depicted atop a rugged mountain. The climb to success is steep, hard and treacherous. To get you to the top despite the challenges that you will inevitably encounter: D-Desire will ignite DRIVE. R-Resolve will keep you on course. I-Initiative will accelerate your journey. V-Vision will enable you to avoid barriers. E-Endurance will insure your safe arrival. You must persist until the DRIVE to success is finished.
  • Extra-Ordinary: If you expect less than ordinary from an individual, you will consider such person to be "extraordinary" when he or she performs beyond your expectation. A person is not extraordinary because he or she, despite a disability or other disadvantage, can surpass a substandard expectation. The "EXTRA" of an extraordinary individual is found in his or her capacity to do the following: EX-Excel in performance. T-Take responsibility. R-Revise the approach. A-Ask for help.
  • What You See is What You Get: Self-esteem is a factor that will determine the fullness of your living. A lack of self-esteem will create a void that is quickly filled with failure and disappointment. Your self-esteem is your image of yourself as seen in a positive light. To maintain a positive self-image: Identify yourself by who you are, not what you are. Assess your abilities realistically. View your worth as positive.
  • What Life will Give When You're Prepared to Take it: Abundance is more than the mere accumulation of things or wealth. It exists beyond the attainment of success or the reaching of one's goals. Abundance is soulful contentment. it is success accompanied with joy. To live in abundance one must adopt four immutable laws of the universe as the foundation for action: The Law of Abundance. The Empowerment Principle. The Law of Possibilities. The Fullness Principle.