John Avianantos

"Coach John"; Inspirational Motivator
Fee Range: $15,000–$25,000 [FEE NOTE]
Travels From: Arizona
John Avianantos has gained popularity in the speaking business (over 1,500 presentations) because of his inspirational, entertaining, and compelling programs. His unique guarantee insures audience evaluation will determine his fee. "I don't get paid to show up, but to provide cutting edge concepts that work in a manner everyone enjoys and remembers."

Each of John's programs are unmatched in fun and "how to ideas" the audience can utilize immediately. John uses props, visuals, handouts for all in attendance, a $100 participation award, and his famous business card (you can eat it) to provide you with a different and meaningful program. Your attendees will leave John's program invigorated and eager to "get better" in all aspects of life.

Professionally speaking since 1984, John has presented to a variety of audiences including: IBM, American Express, Blue Cross, Del Webb Corporation, numerous universities, and even 5 Rose Bowl teams. Over 65% of John's clients have him back for an additional program.

John is the producer of three cassette albums:
Game Plan for Success, The Artichoke Factor, and Empowering Teachers. He has also completed his first book, The Most Forgotten Promise in the World, which should be published in the near future.

John's background prior to speaking includes college teaching (Masters Degree in Counseling), Athletic Director, and Head Football Coach. He was also a National Director for a program involving over 3,000 inner city youth and has worked with mentally challenged students.

John has been married to his wife Shari for over 30 years. They have 3 children, John, Jason, and Jodi. He and his family participate in many charitable events in the community.

Most Requested Topics:

  • Winners Find a Way----Even When There Isn't One: (An upbeat program that emphasizes there is always a way to succeed.) In his unique motivating way, John teaches that regardless of odds or setbacks, we all have the ability to succeed. Using his personal experiences, he presents examples in a humorous yet meaningful way that conveys to the audience that they always have the control to affect the outcome in a positive way. You will never forget the examples used by John in this program--all original with powerful messages linked to each example. The audience will leave the program with renewed confidence, new found enthusiasm, and a belief that they control their own destiny. John has the capability to customize a Keynote specifically for your group.
  • How to Fulfill Dreams, Maximize Success, and Enjoy a Lifetime of Achievements: (A motivational and inspiration program for Sales events, spouse programs, award dinners, or business meetings). The program opens with a video. John starts speaking immediately upon the conclusion of the video. He is only in the first minute of his presentation and he awards an audience member a $100 "participation award". The first handout is given to the audience, one of 10 pages of handouts that will be provided to each participant. Another $100 award is presented. The audience is already caught up by the fast pace of the program as they clap for their friends that receive the one hundred dollar bills. They wait with anticipation for the next idea to be presented. They are in the grasp of a "Coach John" program a keynote or seminar very different than anything they have experienced before and one they will remember for a long time to come. As this very entertaining and inspirational keynote continues, John takes the audience through a step-by-step plan, utilizing his master story telling ability (Emotions will run from laughter to near tears). He adds humor, unique presentation style, and innovative ideas that leave the audience with renewed confidence, newfound enthusiasm, and motivation to take action for the immediate improvement in all aspect of their life. From Opportunity Awareness to the Second Most Powerful Force on earth, the information presented in this keynote is a cutting edge, different, and filled with numerous "how to" ideas. John has the capability to customize a keynote for your group. You will still receive John's highest level of enthusiasm, his fast pace style, $100 give away's, and all that makes John so unique.