Karen Wolfe

A Physician's Perspective of Holistic Health, Corporate Workplace and Women's Health Issues
Fee Range: $5,000–$7,500 [FEE NOTE]
Travels From: California
Dr. Karen Wolfe is an Australian physician, Health Coach, Author and International Speaker. She has extensive experience in health care, wellness and disease management and presents at local, national and international conferences on subjects such as Mind/Body Medicine, health care reform, managed care, specific disease management strategies and integrated health management.

She is a licensed physician in her homeland Australia. Wolfe graduated from Sydney University Medical School and completed her residency at Royal North Shore Hospital. She worked initially as a family physician followed by 8 years of experience in the administration of national health care, wellness and senior programs in her role as the Medical Director of the Australian Government Health Service. She also went to National University in Irvine, California to complete her Masters Degree in Psychology and she has a special interest in health care reform, disease state management and Mind-Body medicine.

Dr. Wolfe has extensive experience as a physician, speaker, author and health care consultant. She is a national and international speaker on topics such as "Integrating Complementary Medicine Into Managed Care"," The Mind/Body Connection for Health and Wellness", "Understanding Managed Care" and many specific health topics. Her vision is to integrate the best of Western and the west of complementary approaches to wellness. She is the author of seven books which include
Medicine from the Inside Out and Create the Body Your Soul Desires.

Dr. Wolfe is the immediate past President of the Orange County Wellness Coalition. This is a coalition of over 100 multi-disciplinary professionals which exists to enhance the health status of individuals in the cmmunity.

Karen is the Principal of Healing Quest, her company dedicated to bringing an integrated healing model into the health and wellness community.

Most Requested Topics:

  • Peak Performance Living – 8 Keys to Maximize Your Focus, Motivation and Mental and Physical Health: Dr. Karen shares scientifically proven methods of diet and exercise that improve performance and disposition quickly, safely–and without drugs. Anyone can gain optimism, intellectual clarity, sharpened memory, and deep feelings of well-being naturally by adjusting the brain’s chemistry with these methods. Learn how to unlock your optimal physical and mental health and performance potential. Dr. Karen has helped hundreds of her clients achieve optimal performance using these principles. Her message changes lives, and most importantly offer long-lasting tangible results.
  • Coaching Skills for Leadership Success – How to Create a Culture of Coaching to Get Better Results: Coaching synthesizes what is known about how people improve performance based on psychology, communication, education and studies of the brain. At its core, coaching is an assets-based approach and it came about because people perform better when their ability to think about choices is expanded.
  • Your Health is an Investment, Not an Expense – It Becomes an Expense If You Do Not Take Time to Invest: With the epidemic escalation of obesity, diabetes, depression and dementia, our health is going the wrong way at a very rapid pace and healthcare costs are rising out of control. The answer is lifestyle changes that work! Dr Karen presents here 8 keys to optimal health that work!
  • No Health, No Wealth – Take Care of Your #1 Profit Center: Many are ignoring their health in pursuit of wealth. Studies show that 69% percent of employees report that work is a significant source of stress and 41% say they typically feel tense or stressed out during the workday. Healthcare expenditures for employees with high levels of stress were 46% higher than those for employees who did not have high levels of stress.
  • Wellness At Work – Practical Tips to Find Your Fit At Work: Do you feel you don’t have enough hours in the day to stay healthy? Would you like some tangible solutions for real-world results? Dr Karen has spent 20 years helping people create health in a practical and easy to implement way. You will learn how to reduce stress to enhance concentration, inspire movement at work, support better sleep, make healthier food choices and even achieve your ideal weight – without adding hours to the workday! This will be a journey for you to be inspired to clear the clutter of health information overload and gain clarity. With passion, power and a pioneering spirit, Karen will take you on a journey you will never forget.
  • Unlock the Power of the Female Brain – The Keys to Better Energy, Focus, Mood and Joy: The female brain is unique in many ways. If you are not taking care of your brain, you are at higher risk of brain fog, memory problems, low energy, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. You are most certainly going to age faster and become ill more often. Women are far more likely than men to suffer from anxiety and depression. This presentation will teach you the steps to optimize your female brain for better health, energy, focus and joy!
  • Is Your Lifestyle A Health Risk? – 8 Keys To Optimal Health and Weight Loss: With the epidemic escalation of obesity, diabetes, depression and dementia, our health is going the wrong way at a very rapid pace.