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Founder of Hp4 Digital Works & Solutions, "Play" from "Kid 'n Play", Musician, Actor

A Queens, N.Y. native, Christopher “Play” Martin is considered a pioneer in the entertainment industry. As half of the iconic and groundbreaking Hip Hop duo “Kid ‘n’ Play,” he has contributed to some of the most defining moments in popular culture. 

Christopher is a celebrated, award-winning and self-taught documentarian, and founder of cutting-edge production company Playground Solutionz, which develops and produces short and full-length multimedia projects.

He recently served as a professional in residence at Florida A&M University in the Music Industry & Hip Hop Institute. He previously served in this role at Miles College, North Carolina Central University and Healthy Start Academy Charter School.

Christopher is a recipient of the 2007 New York International Film Festival Award for “best full-length feature documentary” for his production work on “Welcome to Durham.” He has also received Grammy and Stellar Award nominations for his production contributions to “Taking the Gospel to the Streets” Volumes 1, 2, and 3 and the successful release of “Holy Hip Hop the Movie” a DVD documentary. He’s completing three additional documentaries titled: “Can Hip Hop Go To School?,” “... AND iDANCE,” and "The Marching 100."

In 2006, after a life-changing incident, which left him incapacitated and faced with learning to walk again, Christopher was inspired to create the multimedia news company Brand Newz. For Christopher, the painful experience was anything but an accident. During his recovery, his time was spent praying, reading and reflecting. He found himself engulfed in watching biographies, documentaries and 24-hour “news” networks.  

What he saw on the news was disappointing and awakened him to the reality that the stories being told by mainstream media were filled subjective reporting and misconceptions that served the purpose of dividing and discouraging people, instead of unifying and uplifting them.   

He furiously asked, “Why isn’t there a network that focuses and reports on the positive people and events occurring in today’s society?” His question was divinely answered with another question: “Why don’t you do something about it?” 

From that point on, Christopher has been dedicated to producing content that tells the often-untold stories of the inspiring people and moments that impact our world every day, stories which reveal that "Hip Hop Has A New Direction," and that direction is up!

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