Chris Bashinelli

United Nations Speaker, National Geographic Young Explorer, PBS TV Host and Cross-Cultural Expert
Fee Range: $10,000–$15,000 [FEE NOTE]
Travels From: New York
Chris Bashinelli, aka “Bash”, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After a decade long acting career including an appearance on the hit HBO TV Show “The Sopranos”, Bashinelli decided to follow his real passion—using media to bridge intercultural gaps worldwide—so he traveled to East Africa. He now traverses the globe from Tanzania to Abu Dhabi as host of Bridge the Gap, a new series featured on national PBS television, where he discovers what it is like to walk in someone else’s shoes for one day. He is a United Nations speaker, a National Geographic young explorer, an Eagle Scout and a writer for award-winning publications like Lonely Planet. As a renowned international speaker, he has shared the stage with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Dr. Jane Goodall and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Bashinelli’s mission in life is to create a culture of compassion—he does this by sharing captivating stories that keep us laughing, listening and learning about different cultures. Bashinelli has spoken across the globe—from TEDx, to Abu Dhabi to Azerbaijan. He has interviewed some of
TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People on the Planet” and is the youngest male ever to moderate the UN International Day of Peace. Bashinelli is 27 years old.

The fire behind Bashinelli’s unquenchable thirst for change stems from the life of his parents, and his late father—Stephen Bashinelli. A hardworking, honest man, Stephen passed away in 2009 at the age of 55. This was the defining moment that propelled Bashinelli forward on his path.

TV HOST—Bashinelli is executive producer and host of the internationally recognized series, “Bridge the Gap”. He has harvested buffalo with Native Americans, walked miles for clean water in Haiti, ran from venomous bees in Uganda and worked side-by-side with individuals from countless corners on Earth.

NAT GEO YOUNG EXPLORER—At heart, Bashinelli is an explorer. He has formed genuine friendships in over 25 countries around the world. His goal is to bridge the gap between people and cultures, not only in front of the camera, but face to face—on a human level.

SPEAKER—Bashinelli’s unapologetic energy, humor and compassion have made him a go-to speaker everywhere from multi-million dollar corporations, to Ivy League universities to the UN General Assembly Hall. He is an expert on all things sales, service and cultural exchange.

WRITER—Bashinelli’s work has been featured in award-winning publications including
Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post, Delta Sky magazine and The Daily News Zimbabwe. He shares stories of social activists creating positive change in the developing world, tales of self-discovery and travel guides for the adventurer.

Whether he is escorting Forest Whitaker from the United Nations, witnessing the last testament of an American Indian activist or galloping on horseback across the Mongolian steppe, Bashinelli presents us with a new way of looking at the world.

Most Requested Topics:

  • Global Citizenship – Open Your World View: For our organizations to thrive in the 21st Century, now, more so than ever before, it is critical that we open our minds to new cultures and open our world view. Our increasingly globalized world is changing at lightning speed and we interact daily with people from diverse backgrounds who bring with them history, culture, knowledge, skill, and yes – even bias. And that – is a good thing. It’s no longer enough to think solely through our own lenses and filters. It’s time to adopt a world view that is inclusive of all cultures, genders, and viewpoints. It’s time we become Global Citizens! Global Citizenship has nothing to do with what we do for a living, or where we are in the world, but how we care for others. It means embodying three qualities: being present, authentically connecting with others and being inspired by a mission beyond ourselves. It seems our world is becoming nearly one hundred percent addicted to the noise, to external gratification. From continuous checking of smart phones to our self-worth represented by ‘likes’ on Facebook, we’ve lost our ability to simply enjoy the present moment. Calling upon simple mindfulness practices, Bash reminds us of the real power and productivity that come from stepping into the present moment and enjoying our work for the sake of the work itself (not for some reward at the end of the day.) By stepping away from the noise and bringing a more clear and focused self to work, our productivity, fulfillment and ability to help our clients will grow tenfold. In this empowering and enlightening keynote, Chris Bashinelli shares a unique approach to “Global Citizenship” and the restructuring of your world view, beginning with yourself. When you do? Your foundation becomes stronger. Your potential increases. Your decisions take on new depths. And you create a clarity that is so inspired -- you’ll never, ever want to go back to the “status quo”. This high energy talk shows attendees how to shed limited perspectives -- to see themselves, others, and their world through a more empowered lens. Ready to help your team take diversity and inclusion to the next level? Invite Chris in to speak at your next event.
  • Steps from the Stoop - Cultivating Connection: In order to achieve real diversity and inclusion within our organization we must adopt a world view that equally values all generations, cultures and perspectives. Chris Bashinelli’s all-inclusive approach to relationship building has been cultivated for 30+ years, starting with his “Stoop” in the heart of Brooklyn, where his childhood friends shared a combined total of more than 13 nationalities. In this signature keynote, Chris drives home the ease of relationship building with a personal, yet universal method he’s applied everywhere from farming with mystics in Uganda to living with nomads in Mongolia. Audience members will learn the three essential steps from the “Stoop” which serve as the basis for profound personal transformation and deep connection with others - Awareness, Acceptance, and Courage! These steps enable people to strengthen their relationship with themselves, co-workers, family, friends – and even those with whom we have no seeming connection - be it a 600 pound Japanese Sumo Wrestler or our next-door neighbor. When we make that human connection and move people from the category of “them” to “us”, anything is possible. There’s never been a more important time to richly hone the relationships that transform lives, bridge gaps, connect generations, and empowers our life experience. By opening our world view we are far more powerful than we could ever be on our own - be it the exchange of tribal knowledge between an experienced team member and a social media-savvy young employee, or the shared core values of an Oklahoma farmer and a Mongolian herdsmen. What's surprising is that our ability to authentically connect with our clients and friends (OR others) has very little to do with them, and almost everything to do with our perspective. (We see the world not as it is, but as we are). The great news is that means we have the power to deepen our relationships with others at any moment, all we have to do is shift our perspective! Building better relationships doesn’t necessarily mean knowing perfectly how to bow, shake hands, or say hello in every culture, it simply means bringing an open and accepting mindset to all of our interactions. This message hits home for so many who reach back to remember their own beginnings and recognize the foundational wisdom in creating life-long connections. Bring the transformational lessons of the “Stoop” to your next audience.
  • Start at Step “Z” – Stepping into Powerful Performance: What is your Step “Z”, the goal you feel will truly bring your life meaning? It could be a new client, a new partner, or a new home. What if you could arrive at that destination before you even begin the journey? We tend to be so fixated on our goal that we forget to examine how we are viewing ourselves. We feel that if our circumstances were different our goal would be attainable. In reality, we can only go as far as our shadow will let us - it’s not the circumstances that have to change, but us. With total clarity, Bash emphasizes that the swiftest way to get from where you are to where you want to be is to be there first - on the inside. The best way to get from Step “A” to Step “Z” is to Start at Step “Z”. It may seem counterintuitive, but your best chance at achieving your goal is to imagine it is already accomplished. Step firmly with faith into the shoes you were meant to fill - and live, breathe, work and act from that place. From moderating a major United Nations event in Brazil at 23 years old with no prior experience, to leading a National Geographic Expedition in Mongolia when nearly all funding had been pulled one month before production, Bash shows how when we change our mind, we can change our world. The key to creating success lies not in getting what we want, but in realizing that we already have everything we need to live a life of great meaning. By connecting our ultimate goal to a mission that benefits others, and having unwavering faith in one’s potential, we will find the inspiration necessary to reach our Step “Z”. Bash walks attendees through the scientific method for recognizing and reducing their most limiting beliefs, thereby opening the doorway to a whole new world. Start at Step “Z”, let go of the rest, and realize your full potential.