Buzz Aldrin

Apollo II Astronaut; One of the First Astronauts to Walk on the Moon; Advocate for Space Tourism
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A living hero, an American patriot and a space pioneer, Buzz Aldrin is a reminder of the adventurous spirit of our country and stands as one of the bravest explorers of all time.

When the Eagle Landed on July 20, 1969 Buzz Aldrin completed an American mission and his feat is widely remembered as one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century and the most memorable event in television history. Since retiring from NASA, the Air Force and his position as Commander of the Test Pilot School at Edwards Air Force Base, Dr. Aldrin has remained at the forefront of efforts to ensure a continued leading role for America in manned space exploration.

Time Magazine calls him the man "who wants to send you into space." Forbes says he's the astronaut who "reaches for the stars through his ShareSpace Foundation." To advance his lifelong commitment to venturing outward in space, Buzz Aldrin founded his rocket design company, Starcraft Boosters, Inc. and the ShareSpace Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to opening the doors to space tourism for all people. Dr. Aldrin has also authored several books including two science-fact-fiction novels,
The Return and Encounter with Tiber; his autobiography, Return to Earth; a historical documentary Men From Earth, which describes his trip to the moon; and a children's book entitled Reaching for the Moon, in which he tells his young readers: "If you set your sights high, you may accomplish more than you ever dreamed was possible."

Legendary "space statesman" Buzz Aldrin speaks out as a vital advocate for the continuing quest to push the boundaries of the universe as we know it. As a pioneering astronaut who first set foot on the moon during mankind's first landing of Apollo 11--and as an aerospace engineer who designed an orbital rendezvous technique critical to future planetary landings--Aldrin has a vision, and in this book he plots out the path he proposes, taking humans to Mars by 2035.

Most Requested Topics:

  • Buzz Aldrin’s Vision for the Future: Dr. Aldrin takes audiences on a journey into the future with his vision of a space-faring world where "citizen explorers" take space tours beyond lower-earth orbit and the Aldrin "Mars Cycler" space ship makes frequent stops for astronaut explorers on Mars.
  • Reach for the Stars: Sharing memories and insights from his momentous walk on the moon and his illustrious career, Dr. Aldrin encourages audiences to “reach for the stars” in life’s endeavors.