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Sharon Allison-Ottey

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Women's Health Advocate and Strategist

Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey, M.D., is an energetic, motivating, and insightful speaker that shares her expertise in the area of health and self esteem, particularly focused on women. Dr. Sharon reaches the heart and spirit of women in her unique approach and her ability to break down medical/health information in a way that anyone can readily understand. Dr. Sharon is a fellowship trained Geriatrician & residency trained in Internal Medicine. She currently serves as the CEO of COSHAR Medical Inc.She is one of the founding board members of the COSHAR Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on impacting the health of the nation one community at a time. Dr. Sharon, who recently completed her first novel, All I Ever Did Was Love a Man, believes life doesn't end until the last breath is taken, and up to that point we all want life to be fulfilling.

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