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Tom Shay

Tom Shay

Small Business & Retail Expert
FEE RANGE: $4,000–$8,000 [FEE NOTE]
With over 25 years of retail experience,Tom Shay goes beyond the traditional role to explore and develop tools to assist the independent business owner in achieving their goals. Drawing from his extensive background in the retail industry, Tom assists owners, managers, and staff with the day to day operation of their business. Tom provides seminars and keynotes in the retail, wholesale, and manufacturing industries on the topics of: promoting, customer loyalty, business management design and employee skills, development, and financial control. In addition to writing for more than 35 retail oriented trade publications, Tom is the author of 100 Profits+Plus Ideas for Power Managing Your Retail Business, EZ Cashflow and 100+Plus Ideas for Power Promoting Your Retail Business.

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