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Phil Jackson
*Photo Credit: Keith Allison
FEE RANGE: >$100,000 [FEE NOTE]
TRAVELS FROM: California
Known for his "Zen-like" style of leadership, Jackson was more likely to give his players books than lectures. Whatever his approach, Jackson was able to mold teams of thoughtful champions who earned their way to greatness. Phil is a low-key, thoughtful, and highly intelligent man who had been dubbed the "flower child of the New York Knicks" by one of his teammates. He proved to be extremely talented, and rose to become head coach of the Chicago Bulls. Known for his quiet style, natty courtside attire, philosophical bent, and Zen beliefs, he is extremely successful at motivating, and stimulating teamwork among, disparate players. Audiences are inspired by Mr. Jackson's inspirational and unique perspective on greatness and winning. He is a motivator for all of us, and the example of how to achieve and maintain the top of your field.