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Herman Edwards
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Herman Edwards

Head Coach, Arizona State University; Former Head Coach of KC Chiefs and NY Jets
FEE RANGE: $25,000–$35,000 [FEE NOTE]
Affectionately known as the Energizer Bunny of the NFL, coach Herman Edwards is a perpetual motion machine, a breath of fresh air who uses his boundless energy and talent for combining hard work with good fun. Former ESPN analyst, NFL head coach (New York Jets '01-'05 and Kansas City Chiefs '06-'08) and player, Herm Edwards became head coach at Arizona State University in 2017. Whether it is his faith, family, or football team, Herm Edwards exudes passion in all areas of his life. Edwards has a diverse background in professional leadership, and is one of the most recognized voices in sports today. Herman is a strong proponent of being a positive role model and is one of the NFL’s most active participants in off-the-field outreach programs. In his book,You Play to Win the Game, Edwards shares the wisdom and insight he counts on to motivate and sustain himself, his team, and the thousands he has inspired.