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Jay Blake

Jay Blake

The Only Totally Blind Crew Chief In The Worldwide Sport Of Auto Racing
TRAVELS FROM: Massachusetts
Jay Blake is the founder and president of Follow A Dream. As crew chief of the organization's Alcohol Funny Car, he is the only totally blind crew chief in the worldwide sport of auto racing. Jay's passion for cars and racing extends well back to his youth. He has more than 15 years experience as a professional auto mechanic and more than 20 years in drag racing, including as a crew member and crew chief on a Super Comp Dragster racing team. Jay is also responsible for the organization's management, operations and community outreach programs. Jay inspires people to accomplish their goals through the power of positive thinking and self-determination. While working as the head mechanic of a transportation company, Jay was involved in an industrial accident that caused him to lose complete vision, smell and taste. Refusing to give up on life, Jay aggressively participated in rehabilitation. With renewed self-determination, he achieved his dream—to own a professional auto-racing team.