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Steven Aldana is one of the nation’s foremost experts on healthy living and worksite wellness. He is a former professor of lifestyle medicine at Brigham Young University. He is currently the CEO and founder of WellSteps, a turnkey wellness program designed to help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors for life. Aldana has published over 60 scientific articles on the prevention, arrest, and reversal of America’s most common chronic diseases. He has written 7 books on the ability of healthy lifestyle habits to prevent cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, and many chronic diseases. His most recent book, The Culprit and The Cure is currently being used by over 4,500 companies and corporations in an effort to boost productivity and reduce employee related health expenses. Most recently, he has become a special advisor to the U.S. Secretary of health and human services. Steven Aldana is determined to educate people about the tremendous impact lifestyle has on disease and is devoted to helping individuals adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles.

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