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Dan Abrams

Legal Analyst for ABC News, CEO, Abrams Research and Founder/Publisher, Mediate.com
FEE RANGE: $25,000–$35,000 [FEE NOTE]
A legal commentator and social media entrepreneur, Dan Abrams offers his trusted perspectives on today's legal headlines and how the business world can use social media to reach their customers. Dan Abrams is CEO of Abrams Research, which connects business and the media with a specialization in social media strategy and founder and publisher of Mediaite, a website for news, information and opinions about print, online and broadcast media, offering original and immediate assessments of the latest news as it breaks. He is legal analyst for ABC News and prior to joining ABC News, he served as chief legal analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. Abrams is one of the most trusted and influential legal analysts in the country who has covered the highest profile trials of the past two decades as an attorney and reporter. He provides audiences with insightful analysis on a multitude of topics—from current events, the law and the highest profile cases getting the attention of media to advising top corporations on how to adapt to the shifting social media landscape in order to not just survive, but thrive, in these challenging times.