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Louis Gossett, Jr.
*Photo Credit: Sanjay N. Patel

Louis Gossett, Jr.

Award-Winning Actor, Founder Eracism Foundation
FEE RANGE: $15,000–$25,000 [FEE NOTE]
TRAVELS FROM: California
His voice is distinct and he commands the screen with quiet authority. As one of the most respected African American actors, Lou Gossett Jr. has established a highly honored career in film, on television, and the stage. A triple threat talent armed with an Emmy for Roots, an Oscar for Officer and a Gentleman, and a Golden Globe for The Josephine Baker Story, Gossett has soared into the upper echelons of Hollywood’s elite actors. As an impassioned activist, Gossett firmly believes in giving back to the community by empowering all races and cultures. As Founder of Eracism Foundation, he focuses on eradicating racism and social ignorance while planting the positive seeds of tolerance and cultural awareness with children. He believes that if we treat our children as our primary commodity in sustaining the future, we will move towards a more unified world.