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Kent Conrad

Kent Conrad

Former US Senator (D-ND) and Charmain, Senate Budget Committee; Key Author of the Affordable Care Act
TRAVELS FROM: District of Columbia
RELATED TOPICS: Political Perspective
As the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) has earned bipartisan respect as an expert on the nation’s fiscal issues. He has played a vital role in shaping our nation’s fiscal policies during the last three decades. He was the “father” of the Simpson Bowles Commission and a key author of the Affordable Care Act, and he is currently a part of the Campaign to Fix the Debt. Conrad addresses fiscal policy, the economy, energy, and healthcare. In presentations, he takes his hands-on fiscal knowledge and translates it for the business world, looking at the facts on the ground from economic and political standpoints. His speeches address the ramifications of issues like spending cuts, entitlements, and taxes, and he dissects the politics surrounding the issues and the groups that would be affected by potential legislation. Using charts and graphs, Conrad puts our current economic standing in clear perspective.

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