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Chad Pregracke
*Photo Credit: livinglandsandwaters.com

Chad Pregracke

Founder of Living Lands & Waters; Advocate for Mississippi River and American waterways
TRAVELS FROM: Mississippi
The Mississippi River was literally Chad Pregracke’s backyard while growing up. Chad and his older brother, Brent, spent the majority of their time on, in, and around the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. During his summer breaks Chad worked on the river–primarily as a commercial shell diver for the cultured pearl industry, but also as a commercial fisherman and barge hand. It was during this time that Chad began to realize how neglected the rivers were, with the unsightly and toxic accumulation of trash along their banks. At age 17, he started making calls to government agencies, alerting them to the problem. As the problem worsened, Chad , took matters into his own hands. At 23 years of age, Chad founded Living Lands & Waters, which has grown to 70,000 volunteers, collecting 8 million pounds of debris. In 2013, he was named CNN Hero of the Year.

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