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Kyle McDonald

Kyle McDonald

Social Networking with "One Red Paperclip"
FEE RANGE: $5,000–$7,500 [FEE NOTE]
TRAVELS FROM: California
Swapping one red paper clip for a fish shaped pen seems easy enough, right? A fish shaped pen for a doorknob? Simple.  But could you 'bigger-and-better' your way to a house in 14 online trades?  Kyle MacDonald did just that.  Kyle transformed one red paper clip into a ski-doo, a music recording contract, an afternoon with Alice Cooper – yes, that Alice Cooper - and eventually a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan. Running with the idea of taking one small item and attempting to trade it for something bigger and more substantial, MacDonald has become renowned for his off-beat and inspirational ideas and goals. The stories that have come from these adventures are impressive, but MacDonald’s generosity, free-spirit and willingness to look for the positive in things is what makes his story significant. Kyle MacDonald has spoken to thousands all over the world about the lessons that he learned from trading a red paperclip to a house.