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Dave Stockton

Dave Stockton

Chief Economist and Director of Research and Statistics, The Federal Reserve Board (2000-2011)
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A 30-year veteran of the Federal Reserve who most recently served as its Chief Economist, Dave Stockton’s trusted guidance helped shape the Board’s critical decisions through one of the most tumultuous periods in economic history. Today, Stockton focuses on the global economy and the challenging process of economic repair, with impeccable judgment and trademark humor. In his three decades at the Federal Reserve, Dave Stockton served as one of the world’s most influential economists, called “one of the finest economists I have known” by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. In his last position as the Fed’s Chief Economist, he led a division of 325 economists, financial analysts and statisticians, Stockton published numerous papers in macroeconomics and labor markets. In addition, he has presented to various professional organizations, including the American Economic Association, the Econometric Society, the National Bureau of Economic Research, foreign central banks, private financial institutions, and the general public and a visiting researcher at Georgetown University.

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