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Erin Cruz

Erin Cruz

Conservative Social and Political Activist
TRAVELS FROM: California
Erin Cruz is a Political Activist known for her commentary, strategy, and analysis in multiple areas. She has a focus on conservative politics. Her political leanings are freedom based and she is a constitutional conservative with a strong dose of sobering libertarian leaning. Erin hails from the private sector, and has a solid stretch in academia. She has skills in business administration, payroll, human resources and international relations. She has dedicated the last decade to bring the conversation of American Nationalism to the forefront. Erin is author of Revolution America: Communication Toolbox for the Modern Conservative American Woman (December, 2017). Revolution America with political tension at an all time high, unseen since the 1960’s, Erin Cruz saw the need to share better ways to interact and make progress in political conversation within the family unit and beyond. Revolution America encourages political and social interaction among conservatives, women in particular.

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