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Jesse LeBeau

Actor, Author, Underdog and One of the World's Premiere Basketball Trick Artists
FEE RANGE: $10,000–$15,000 [FEE NOTE]
TRAVELS FROM: California
Growing up as an undersized and over-matched basketball player on a remote Alaskan island with no roads or stores, Jesse LeBeau was overlooked and underestimated, constantly feeling like he had to prove himself. At a young age, Jesse developed a love for sports, particularly basketball. However, at 5’8” Jesse had nearly every odd stacked against him. Despite his size and circumstances, he managed to rise above it all and became a name in the world of street ball, regularly featured on TV, film, and international tours. Jesse is an expert speaker on the topics of attitude, grit, and resourcefulness. His Keynote ‘The Power of YOU!’ has inspired hundreds of corporate audiences around the world. His energy, passion, and ability to create an experience while consecutively driving home hard-hitting points has made him one of Corporate America’s top speakers.