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Jeff Francoeur

Jeff Francoeur

Sports Analyst and Former MLB Player
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Jeff Francoeur is a veteran Major League Baseball player and an extraordinary example of hard work, passion and persistence. The son of two teachers, Jeff was born and raised just outside Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up he was a witness to the pow­erful early-nineties Braves with legends Tom Glavine, John Smoltz and Greg Maddux. He rarely missed a game and dreamed of one day playing for the team himself. A gifted athlete, Francoeur ex­celled at both baseball and football and to those around him, a career in the majors didn't seem that unlikely. In his motivating presentations, Jeff Francoeur doesn't shy away from the highs and lows of his career. Speaking with candor and humility, he encourages anyone going through a "slump" of their own to channel their passion, work hard and just keep going. He speaks on teamwork and the importance in recognizing that whether you are the star or the guy on the bench, you have a role to play.

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