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Kelly Vero

Kelly Vero

Futurist, Game Developer, and an Architect of the Metaverse
Kelly Vero is a futurist, game developer, and architect of the Metaverse with over 30 years in the gaming and technology industry. Kelly Vero is acknowledged worldwide as an expert on the Metaverse and the huge growth market areas that virtual platforms unveil. Her expertise and passion for storytelling and pop culture can be seen in her best-selling fiction books: Summer Girl (2013) and Prince of Tokyo (2018).Kelly Vero’s grounded, simple, and educational approach to the Metaverse –which she defines as a persistent online space that exists to deliver content and technology from any industry vertical in really meaningful ways– is one of the key reasons why she’s become one of the most sought-after digital leaders of the Metaverse. She is currently an independent consultant, as well as Chief Metaverse Officer of Aequaland, an inclusive & fun educational platform for kids aimed at promoting self-discovery and fostering emotional intelligence.

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