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Michael Ventura
*Photo Credit: Michael Ventura, CC BY-SA 4.0

Michael Ventura

Empathic Leadership Expert & Facilitator; Award Winning Entrepreneur; Author
For over two decades, Michael Ventura has worked as a leader, facilitator, and educator with a mission to demystify empathy. Founder of award-winning strategy and design firm Sub Rosa, Michael has built his career working with iconic brands and institutions such as General Electric, Google, Nike, Warby Parker, and also The United Nations and the Obama Administration, and offers entrepreneurs and executives a radical new way forward.

Michael's strategies have helped guide top leaders and their teams toward feeling, thinking, and acting with greater curiosity, and a willingness to better understand one’s inner and outer worlds. His practice draws from philosophical and ancestral wisdom while also incorporating thought-provoking psychological and personal development techniques that offer real, adoptable skills and behaviors. Michael will help you elevate your leadership skills, improve your management skills, and build an authentic brand that connects with customers.

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