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Diversity: Black Female Motivational Speakers

Find the perfect African-American/Black female speaker for your specific event type

Key Speakers Bureau is proud to work with a range of speakers who are diverse in identity, background, and expertise. It is our aim to host a speaker roster that champions diversity and elevates the voices of experts of all kinds. In this post, we'd specifically like to focus our attention on the African-American/Black female speakers on our roster.

We understand that the needs of your event are nuanced and definitely not one-size-fits-all. Whether you are organizing a nonprofit/NGO fundraiser, academic symposium, corporate meeting, or political discussion, we can help you decide on and book an African-American/Black female speaker that will suit your event's needs. From fighter pilots, life coaches, political commentators, poets, activists, to scientists—Key Speakers can connect you with the best in any industry.

Keep reading to see our top curated picks for African-American/Black female speakers who are sure to help you accomplish the organizational goals you have set for your next event.

To motivate and inspire your audience:

Looking for a speaker that will light a fire within your audience's hearts and minds? Trying to motivate personal and professional growth and development? Look no further than these inspiring ladies:

For Black History Month events:

Planning an event that celebrates Black History? These speakers, who combine historical discussion with commentary on the present and the future, are sure to convey their message effectively to your audience:

For events focused on women:

If your event is women-focused in theme and scope, we can help you curate the perfect speaker who is adept and knowledgeable in women's issues and ideas:

To speak on technology and innovation:

These speakers are incredibly knowledgeable on various scientific endeavors and themes. If you book one of them—prepare to be blown away by their expertise!