Interested in general economics? Curious about a certain discipline such as civil rights or California’s economic outlook? Whether you are a student, non-profit, a professional or simply have a general interest, here are some economists to keep on your radar along with the economic disciplines they bring to the table.


Director of the Center for Economic Freedom at FreedomWorks, and editor of RealClearMarkets, John Tamny has a huge breadth of knowledge when it comes to the perplexities of economic growth which, in one of his topics, is “so easy to achieve”. With his first book Popular Economics: What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You about Economics, Tamny outlines economics in a way that is relatable and understandable. As a political economy editor at Forbes, Tamny is a great addition to speak about trending topics such as elections, minimum wages, and more.


Known as one of the most prominent female voices in economics, Dr. Julianne Malveaux is recognized for her insightful contributions to issues such as race, culture, gender, and their economic impacts on public opinion. As well as an established author and commentator, Dr. Malveaux has published writing works in USA Today, Black Issues in Higher Education, Essence Magazine, The Progressive, and also co-wrote Unfinished Business: A Democrat and a Republican Take on the 10 Most Important Issues Women Face. As a committed activist and civic leader, she is a popular lecturer within the speaking industry and can address civic, academic, business and professional groups for your next event.


A leading voice in the economies of California’s many diverse regions; Robert Kleinhenz is Principal Economist and Founder of Kleinhenz Economics. In his work, Dr. Kleinhenz provides a variety of public policy analyses, forecasts and impact studies including a recent project The City of Los Angeles’s 2024 Olympic bid and the analysis of its economic impact. As an in-demand speaker, he regularly presents to business, government and non-profit organizations. From California to a more national perspective, Dr. Kleinhenz brings over 30 years of experience to the stage. Ask one of our agents if you’d like to inquire about his availability to speak at your economic forecast event.


Dr. Edmond Seifried is Professor Emeritus of Economics and Business at Lafayette College and a partner in Seifried & Brew LLC. With numerous presentations under his belt, Dr. Ed is a valued educator for community bank directors, CEOs, senior management, as well as up-and-coming community bankers. Having served as a community bank director himself, he believes that one has to experience the dynamics of being a community bank director to fully understand their needs to create the bank’s strategic plan, assess risk, set risk parameters, monitor risk, and to be thoroughly educated. Dr. Ed offers easy-to-follow guidelines on how to recognize key economic signals and prepare strategies for the changing economic environment at your next conference.

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These are just a few Economists we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Take a look at the Economy and Finance section of our website if you’d like to research on your own, and if you’re interested in having an economist speak at your next event, let us know! We’ll help match you with someone great for your occasion.