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How to become a Keynote Speaker: 3 Tips to Help You Break into the Industry

If you're trying to become a keynote speaker or you are a speaker new to the circuit and don't know where to start, then... look no further! We'll show you how to get your name out there. Here we've compiled a few tips from our expert speaker agents on how to make yourself present on every bureau's radar and break into the industry:

1. First step on how to be a keynote speaker. Establish a basis of credibility as a speaker.

We know that you are credible and established in your respective field, but the speaking industry is a whole other beast. Prep and establish yourself by: joining a local TEDx conference, enrolling in a program like 3 Ring Circus. Bonus points for writing a book! Very important process on how to become a keynote speaker. Ask yourself what kind of speaker you want to be? An inspirational speaker, a keynote speaker, healthcare speaker, Science and technology speaker, etc.

2. Second step on how to be a keynote speaker. Gather all the materials that a speakers bureau will be looking for.

Bureaus are more likely to be interested in listing you on their roster if all your information is presented straight from the get-go:

3. Make sure you understand the difference between a speakers bureau and a speaker agency or management company.

A speakers bureau serves as a resource for event planners, our clients. The bureau reaches out to collaborate with the speaker who meets (and hopefully exceeds!) criteria set forth by our client and the objectives for their event. The relationship is a partnership, in which both the bureau and speaker are focused on the common goal of bringing satisfaction to the event planner and attendees; and producing a smooth and successful event. Bureaus work with a wider range of speakers, on a case by case basis, as an open relationship.

A speaker agency or management company is more so speaker-oriented. Management companies focus efforts on cultivating the speaker's materials and stirring up engagements and press. They have a roster of exclusive speakers who they represent and are actively marketed to planners. Speakers bureaus work hand in hand with management companies and are often referred to synonymously. But from a speaker's perspective, they are quite different.

So, have you established your credibility, gathered your materials, understood the role of a bureau, and now you're ready to take the next step? Send an email to speakers@keyspeakers.com with your materials and introduce yourself! We are not always looking to add new speakers to our roster, but we will always circulate your info around our office to see if we have a need for your specific niche in our speaker repertoire. We're excited to hear from you. Become a motivational keynote speaker now!

4. Finally, contact us on how to become a keynote speaker.

You can check this video out for more information on how to become a keynote speaker.