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Bill Butterworth
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Bill Butterworth

Award Winning Communicator, Expert on Change; Humorist on Life and Work Issues
Bill Butterworth is an award-winning speaker and author with nearly 40 titles to his name. Bill’s extraordinary ability to blend humor, storytelling, wisdom and practicality has resonated with a wide range of audiences across the globe. For close to 30 years Bill has traveled full-time speaking to hundreds of audiences, including Fortune 500 clients such as Microsoft, Walt Disney, Ford, Chrysler, Bank of America, and Verizon, as well as over 50 professional sports teams in the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball. Beyond speaking, Bill has authored over three-dozen books as a writer and a ghostwriter. His latest contribution is a book entitled Everyday Influence. Other authored titles include such classics as Balancing Work and Life, Building Successful Teams, The Short List, and The Promise of the Second Wind. Before his speaking and writing career took shape, Bill taught at the college level for thirteen years and was a counselor for six years.

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