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Art Laffer

Art Laffer

Distinguished Economist; Former Member of President Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board
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Dr. Art Laffer is the founder and chairman of an economic research and consulting firm that provides investment-research services to institutional asset managers. Dr. Laffer's economic acumen and influence in triggering a worldwide tax cutting movement in the 1980s have earned him the distinction in many publications as "The Father of Supply-Side Economics." One of his earliest successes in shaping public policy was his involvement in Proposition 13, the California initiative that drastically cut property taxes in the state in 1978. Years of experience and success in advising on a governmental level have distinguished Dr. Laffer in the business community as well. He currently sits on the board of directors of a multitude of public and private companies. He invented the "Laffer Curve," which has been deemed one of the few advances that powered the 20th century. An economist with a great sense of humor and grasp of today's realities, Art offers a concise analysis of the worldwide economy and what looms ahead for the 21st century.

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