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Geena Davis

Geena Davis

Academy Award-Winning Actress; Golden Globe Award-Winning Star of ABC's "Commander in Chief"
FEE RANGE: $50,000–$75,000 [FEE NOTE]
TRAVELS FROM: California
Both a former Victoria's Secret model and card-carrying member of MENSA, Geena Davis established herself in Hollywood by playing the quirky protagonist in a wide variety of dramas and romantic comedies, though she has also tested the waters in action films and sci-fi horror. Davis showed an interest in show-business from childhood on. Davis changed many perceptions about a female president in her recent ABC series, “Commander in Chief”, and she continues to be an innovator in real life, championing opportunities for women in athletics as a trustee of the Women’s Sports Foundation. Ranked 13th in the United States in archery in 2001, she was among just 32 women to qualify for the 2000 Olympic trials in that sport. She motivates and inspires women to take on new challenges, serving as a gifted role model. She empowers women to set their sights high in athletics, in business, in the arts and in life, reminding them “anything is possible.”