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Cody Lundin

Cody Lundin

Former Host of Dual Survival on Discovery Channel
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Cody Lundin is an internationally recognized professional survival instructor with more than 24 years of hands-on teaching experience. Unbeknownst to him at the time, Cody's love of all things self-reliant began as a child with the influence of his homesteading grandparents. Their rural South Dakota lifestyle of living close to the land and doing more with less was Cody’s first exposure to what the family still calls, “that good ol’ pioneer spirit.” As a result of his skill and dedication, Cody has been featured in media sources including "The Today Show", Discovery Channel, History Channel, "Dateline" NBC, CBS News, USA Today, The New York Times, Esquire, Playboy, Good Morning America, The Weather Channel, Newsweek and CBC Radio One in Canada to name a few. When not teaching for his own school, Cody is an adjunct faculty member at Yavapai College and a faculty member at the Ecosa Institute where he teaches the survival and sustainability curriculums he created.

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