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Rulon Gardner

Rulon Gardner

Olympic Gold Medalist for Wrestling
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When Rulon Gardner won the Olympic gold medal for wrestling in Sydney, his victory rocked the world. It was more than just a simple tale of success - it was the story of an underdog who rose to unimagined heights of accomplishment and glory. An athlete with a history of notable but obscure success, Rulon became a household name - and the pride of a nation - when he took Olympic gold from the hands of Alexander Karelin, an athlete who had been undefeated since 1985. In a modern day David and Goliath, Rulon found himself fighting a match of mythic proportions - the United States versus former archenemy Russia and a first-time Olympian versus a veteran three-time Olympic gold medallist. Rulon shares with his audiences the sense of determination, the self-confidence and the fighting spirit that gave him the strength to stand up against seemingly unbeatable odds - and win. He has authored an autobiography titles Never Stop Pushing: My LIfe from a Wyoming Farm to the Olympic Medal Stand.

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