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Aimee Mullins
*Photo Credit: L’Oreal Paris

Aimee Mullins

Paralympic Athlete and Fashion Model
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Aimee Mullins' legs were amputated at the age of one, but with the help of the most advanced artificial legs, she has set world records in running the 100-meter, 200-meter dash and the long jump at the Paralympic. Off the field, Mullins is working on a successful modeling and film career. She was a featured speaker at The White House for the 12th annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day. She was named the Disabled Athlete of the Year for 1997 by USA Track & Field. She is co-founder of "H.O.P.E" (Helping Others Perform with Excellence), a non-profit organization which sponsors applicants from all disability backgrounds. Being a woman of such incredible intelligence and physical ability exponentially strengthens the impact she is now having on modern culture through the globally influential medium of the fashion industry. She has gone beyond being an academic inspiration, beyond a pillar for the female athlete, broadening her reach to both the way the world perceives women, as well as the way women view themselves.

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