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Brock Mealer

Brock Mealer

Survivor and Speaker at the 2016 Republican National Convention
In 2007, Brock and his family were on their way to church on Christmas eve when a 92-year-old man ran a stop sign and hit the car in which he and his family were traveling. Brock’s father, David Mealer, and his brother’s girlfriend, Hollis Richer, were killed in the accident. Brock sustained an injury to his spinal cord, which caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down. His surgeon gave him a 1% chance of moving his legs again, and an even lower chance of walking. Brock not only became independent again, but was blessed with an incredible comeback story that has led him to walk again with the help of two canes. After 2 years of grueling physical therapy, he started working out with the U of M football team strength staff. Once able to stand, Brock’s newly found team set the goal of leading the team onto the field for their 2010 opener. He continues to workout each week, and at the gym, walks without assistance.

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