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Emily Calandrelli

Emily Calandrelli

Science Communicator and Host/Executive Producer of Xploration Outer Space and Emily's Wonder Lab
SPEAKER FEE RANGE: $10,000–$20,000 [FEE NOTE]
TRAVELS FROM: California
Emily is wildly passionate about space exploration. Through her show, she wants to prove that the space industry is more exciting today than ever before in history. As the host, Emily works to explain science-related topics in an easily digestible, and entertaining, way.

Increasing the level of scientific literacy among the general public is also something Emily cares deeply about. She believes that everyone, despite their educational background, can understand scientific topics. Emily hopes to convince more people of this and foster a higher level of scientific literacy in society through various projects and speaking engagements.

Lastly, Emily wants to inspire more females to pursue STEM careers. Over the years, many factors have deterred women from pursuing certain careers in STEM. Through her work, Emily hopes to address those factors and help make STEM a more welcoming envirornment for everyone.

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