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Jim Wetherbee

Jim Wetherbee

Former Astronaut and Author of, Controlling Risk - Thirty Techniques for Operating Excellence
SPEAKER FEE RANGE: $15,000–$30,000 [FEE NOTE]
With thirty-five years of experience in high-hazard operational environments, Jim is passionate about helping leaders and operators in dangerous endeavors with critical mission objectives. He is the only astronaut to have commanded five missions in space (tied with one Russian cosmonaut), and the only person to have landed the Space Shuttle five times. Bringing his experience from the aerospace industry as a former NASA executive and astronaut, Jim joined the oil and gas Industry as a Safety and Operations Auditor for BP Corporation North America, Inc. As the VP, Operating Leadership, Jim helped to improve operating results consistently over the long-term, by emphasizing effective leadership behaviors to inspire people to perform with operating excellence. Jim is the author of Controlling Risk--In a Dangerous World. Currently, he operates Jim Wetherbee LLC while advising, and learning from, companies involved in hazardous operations.

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