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Timothy Papandreou

Timothy Papandreou

Global Thought Leader on Emerging Technologies, Moonshots, Smart Cities and the Future of Life & Work
Timothy Papandreou is a trusted global thought leader on emerging technologies, moonshots, smart cities, and the future of life & work. Currently, Tim is the Founder and CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors, a global advisory firm helping startups, governments and corporations accelerate emerging technology innovation. Previously, Tim held professional leadership positions for Google X Moonshot Factory, Waymo, and The City of San Francisco. He presently serves as a trusted key advisor and mentor in several emerging technology spaces - including automation, robotics, smart cities, climate tech, crypto, AI fintech, and web3 support systems. Tim’s diverse public and private experience inform his unique insights, making him an electrifying speaker on innovation, leadership, and human connections.

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