As we find ourselves in the midst of one of the most disruptive and challenging times in the evolution of business, your organization might be looking for a helping hand to keep you up to speed. How can meeting planners ensure the keynote speakers they book are relevant to impress your audience? We’ve done the research. See all the latest and greatest motivational speakers with topics to consider for your upcoming event, vetted by Key Speakers.

Linda BernardiDigital Disruption Strategist; Former IBM Chief Innovation Officer and Watson Co-Lead
With a passion for innovation & leadership, Linda Bernardi possesses a unique vision and a fierce commitment to promoting innovative, disruptive ideas and technologies. In her role as “innovation provocateur,” Linda helps organizations break free of their comfort zone, defy conventional wisdom, and shatter outdated paradigms in their quest for market- changing products, services and methods.
Speaking Topics: Leadership in Highly Competitive Landscapes; How AI Will Change Your Business; Emerging Technologies; Disruption & Innovation; Emerging Technologies

Scott Galloway – NYU Brand Strategy & Digital Marketing Professor; Co-Host of “Pivot” Podcast on Vox Media
Scott Galloway is an entrepreneur, marketer and uber-cool Clinical Professor at the NYU Stern School of Business where he teaches brand strategy and digital marketing. He is also the founder of Red Envelope, Prophet Brand Strategy and L2 inc, acquired by Gartner. He is author of the New York Times Bestselling book, The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, And Google, and most recently, The Algebra of Happiness: Notes on the Pursuit of Success, Love and Meaning.
Speaking Topics: Post Corona: From Crisis to Opportunity; The Great Disruption: Business in Times of Covid-19; WeWTF; Streaming Wars; The Algebra of Happiness 

Cassandra WorthyGrowth Enabler, Founder & CEO of Change Enthusiasm Global
Cassandra Worthy is Founder & CEO of a well-respected Growth Enablement Firm. She is a former Fortune 100 Innovation Leader, highly dynamic speaker & presenter, chemical engineer, but above all else the world’s leading expert on Change Enthusiasm®. Through her corporate experiences, she has not only endured but THRIVED during major change challenges including acquisition and significant organizational restructure. In her dynamic keynotes and workshops, with wit and infectious energy, she now teaches this unique strategy with world-class business leaders across any and every industry, from CPG to Retail to Insurance to Healthcare…just to name a few.
Speaking Topics: Explore the Underbelly of Exceptional Leadership Through Change; Master the Chemistry of Change; Engineering a Resilient and Inclusive Culture: Practical Tools to Nurture High-Level Workforce and Customer Engagement

Robert Safian Founder of The Flux Group; Managing Editor of Fast Company, Time, Fortune, Money
Bob Safian is an unparalleled source of insight on the future of global enterprise. His acclaimed podcast Masters of Scale: Rapid Response has been cited by The New York Times as one of its “Podcasts for the Pandemic Era.” Previously, he led the influential, award-winning business magazine Fast Company for 11 years, turning it into the world’s leading progressive business media.
Speaking Topics: Lessons of the World’s Most Innovative Companies; Leading in the Age of Artificial Intelligence; How to Succeed In The Age of Flux: Leadership That Matters

Valorie BurtonCertified Coach and CEO and Founder of the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute
Valorie Burton i author of six books on personal development, including How Did I Get So Busy? and What’s Really Holding You Back? She is deeply committed to helping people be more resilient so they can thrive in life and work. She helps readers and audiences get unstuck, be more productive, and live with balance and purpose.
Speaking Topics: Listen to Your Life Getting Unstuck and Following Your Unique Path to Extraordinary Success; How to Use the Proven Power of Positivity to Overcome Your Obstacles or Successful People Think Differently; Coaching for Leaders – How to Bring Out the Best in Yourself & Others

Mike WalshTop Business Futurist and Authority on Innovation, Technology and Emerging Markets: “The Futurist for Leaders”
Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing business for the 21st century. He advises leaders on how to thrive in this era of disruptive technological change. Rather than focusing on the distant future, Mike focuses on the next five years – scanning the near horizon for disruptive technologies and consumer innovations on the verge of hitting critical mass – then translating these into usable business strategies. As a global nomad, speaker and consumer trend scout, Walsh brings a truly global perspective to every event.
Speaking Topics: The Future-Proof Organization – Beyond COVID-19; New Rules for a New World; Designing Your Business for the 21st Century; The Algorithmic Leader

Melissa Agnes Crisis Management Advisor and Author of Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World
Melissa Agnes is a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection. Agnes is a coveted speaker, commentator, and advisor to some of today’s leading organizations faced with the greatest risks. As a strategic advisor and keynote speaker, Melissa Agnes has worked with NATO, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, financial firms, technology companies, healthcare organizations, cities and municipalities, law enforcement agencies, global non-profits, and many others, helping them understand risk and build invincible brands that can withstand even the most devastating of events.
Speaking Topics: Crisis Readying your Organization for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact; Choosing Your Lens: Transforming Issues into Opportunities; Building an Invincible Brand

Dr. Stephen KlaskoHealthcare Futurist, President of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of Jefferson Health
Dr. Steve Klasko, MD, MBA, is a transformative leader and advocate for a revolution in our systems of healthcare and higher education. As president and CEO of Philadelphia-based Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health since 2013, he has steered one of the nation’s fastest growing academic health institutions based on his vision of re-imagining health care and higher education.
Speaking Topics: 5 Lessons We Must Take from the Coronavirus Crisis; Population Health, AI and Transforming Care Delivery – Moving From Philosophy to Practice; The Future of Hospitals; We CAN Fix Healthcare – The Future is NOW

Lucy HoneLeading International Authority on Wellbeing and Resilience
Lucy Hone is a research associate at AUT University, a director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing & Resilience, a published academic researcher, best-selling author and blogger for Psychology Today. She now assists organizations – from government departments, to leading law firms and schools – to design and implement wellbeing and resilience initiatives creating sustained and meaningful change.
Speaking Topics: Maintaining High Performance in the Age of Burnout; The Secrets of Resilient People; The Secrets of High Performing Teams