Find out how to use TikTok to promote your event

Nothing makes you feel more out of date than a hot, new social media platform that you must adapt to learn to use. And if you’ve been on the internet lately—you’ve definitely come across such a platform that is as disruptive as it is hot and new—TikTok.

Let’s start with the basics. What even is TikTok? NBC News describes TikTok as a short form video app in which “users tap and hold to record a short video and can add music and visual effects.” TikTok videos can be funny, heartwarming, informative, or impressive. Users share everything from lip-syncing and singing clips, to stunts, behind-the-scenes footage, jokes and rants.

Because the content posted on TikTok is so diverse and wide-reaching, event and meetings planners can strategically utilize the platform to promote their event. The only obstacle to overcome is learning a new platform and that can be overwhelming.

So, without further ado… Key Speakers‘ resident Gen Z’er is here to give you a crash course on a few ways to effectively use TikTok to promote and share your event.

  1. Use the app to target a new demographic
    TikTok’s user base is primarily individuals in their teens and 20s. While teenagers likely won’t be interested in your corporate event… Young professionals under 30 who use the app may well be interested in attending. With TikTok’s audience growing exponentially every month, your next huge marketing demographic segment may be waiting to be discovered on the app. To find them, use relevant hashtags in your captions that are location or event niche specific.
  2. Create content that builds pre-event hype
    Use TikTok to share clips of your speaker’s sizzle reel (with their permission, of course!), ticket purchasing details, the planning process, and more to build momentum for your upcoming event. Keep your videos fun and fresh by using the latest trending songs and effects (take a scroll through the app’s For You Page to get a feel for what is popular).
  3. TikTok at your event! Designate an event TikToker to post event clips during and after the big day
    Share clips of your event to TikTok—and kill two birds with one stone by posting the videos to your other social channels! Pro tip: Designate someone on the team to handle filming and posting event TikToks. Bonus points for recruiting a Gen Z’er—they’ll ensure the content is of quality and is on trend.
  4. Use the video editing features, then save the videos and share elsewhere
    Have you made it this far into this post and are thinking that your target audience just simply won’t be found on TikTok? Have no fear! You can still utilize the app’s phenomenal editing features and then save the videos to be shared to the social channels your audience is on. There are simply so many fun and unique filters and effects to be used that can make your social media content shine and stand out—no matter what platform your target audience is primarily on.

Get your creativity going by checking out some notable companies’ TikTok accounts; our favorites are The Washington PostThe NBA, and The San Diego Zoo.

That’s it for our TikTok tips! TikTok is only continuing to grow—start posting about your events and meetings now and stay ahead of industry trends!