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Chris "Douggs" McDougall

Professional Skydiver, BASE Jumper, Wingsuit Pilot Australian Champion, World Record Holder
SPEAKER FEE RANGE: $6,000–$15,000 [FEE NOTE]
TRAVELS FROM: International
A career spanning 25 years as a professional skydiver, BASE jumper and wingsuit pilot, Douggs is one of the most experienced extreme sports athletes on the planet with over 13,000 jumps combined. His adventures have taken him around the globe with success in all areas including becoming a world champion, a world record holder and representing his native country ​of Australia in both skydiving and BASE jumping in several disciplines.

Outside of the extreme sports world, his passion since 2007 is to share his story and experiences with people, to inspire their dreams, to always chase them and to never give up. From humble beginnings as a construction carpenter in Australia and venturing into a ​Rope access NDT specialist on oil rigs in Africa, the UK and Australia, ​he can communicate his message to a wide audience.

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